Some proud and precious moments captured in the Montessori Journey.
Sheer concentration
Sheer concentration. Perfecting Coordination. Great for hand strengthening.
Description of photo hereImagination and creativity through play.
Cylinder blocks
Cylinder blocks; A visual and pincer grip activity.
Learning about land forms
Learning about the land forms in an enjoyable way.
Quiet time to read a book
Quiet time to read a book
Practical life skills
Practical life skills; Learning concentration and control of movement
Our Little "Montessorians"
Our Little "Montessorians"
Using the moveable alphabet
Using the moveable alphabet to make phonetic words
Sorting insects and arachnids
Sorting insects and arachnids
Deep concentration Deep concentration with the pin pricking - fine motor skills
Perfecting fine motor skillsPerfecting our fine motor skills Grading colours from light to dark
Colour box 3 - Grading the colours from lightest to darkest
Having fun with geometric shapes
Having fun with geometric shapes (The Constructive Triangles)
Learning self-help skills
Learning self-help skills with the dressing frame
Fun with playdough
Fun with playdough while strengthening our hands
Work activitiesChildren can do a variety of number work activities
Our Hatchery over Easter
Our Hatchery over Easter was well cared for.
Health and hygieneOpen wide...Health and Hygiene is very important in our curriculum