Our Centre

Maria Montessori’s vision was the attainment of peace through the preparation of the child.
The Montessori Journey views the parents as primary in the education process. The Early Childhood Educators and management are committed to working in partnership with you, so we can ensure a meaningful experience for your child.  Building on children’s prior and current experiences helps children feel secure, confident, and connected to familiar people, places, events, and understandings.
The Montessori Journey views each child and their family as unique individuals and one to be respected for that uniqueness. We embrace other cultures, gender, religious beliefs, and inclusive practices.
Our program is flexible and responsive to each child’s individual needs and interests. We let the child construct themselves through work and their own natural laws of development. We will support the children’s love of order, Dr Montessori found that young children have a natural inclination for organisation and orderliness.  We use a prepared classroom to inspire children to achieve the best outcome for independent learning discoveries.  Children learn through hands-on experiences. Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school but For Life
The relationship between management and educators are built on respect.  A partnership within the team, we utilise Educators knowledge, their diversity, culture, and professional experience to enhance our program daily.
The Montessori Journey acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land are the Quandamooka people, we pay our respects to the elders both past, present, and future for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Aboriginal Australia.  We always remember that under the concrete and asphalt this land will always be traditional Aboriginal Land.
                                                                 “Tell me, I’ll forget”
                                                            Show me, I may remember
                                                     “But involve me and I’ll understand.
                                                                  Chinese Proverb