Shaded play area

Our well-equipped and maintained playground is shaded by the natural environment with many gardens which the children nurture and care for. The outdoor playground equipment is selected according to the age group of the children. The layout and maintenance of all outdoor equipment and surfaces are carefully selected to minimize the possibility of injury to the children.

Outdoors we cater for children who want to play in solitary play through to children who want to run and climb using their gross motor skills.  We have creative play, quiet areas, areas where dramatic play can be supported - it includes many and varied experiences for the children.

Our outdoor environment is an extension of our indoor environment.  It gives the children opportunities to explore which provides them with many learning possibilities. The playground includes a bike track, a shaded teaching area which has multiple uses for small and large group play opportunities, a large covered sandpit, an extra large timber fort which has lots of different areas to support many skills including a climbing wall, slide, clatter bridge, net bridge, monkey bars, and more.
We have a climbing dome, shallow wading pool, musical playground, and three timber cubby houses. We also have the moveable equipment which we offer at different times to support different skills. We have a trampoline, carpentry table, the use of the A-frames which can be made in many configurations for different skills, balance buckets, balance boards, water trough. There is also the quiet area, books, puzzles, colouring-in, painting, construction, and much more.

Montessori believes in teaching the children to support the environment and maintaining it by:
  • Using compost bins for food scraps
  • Caring for animals found in our environment
  • Not stripping trees or flowers/bark/branches
  • Caring for plants in our environment
  • Planting seeds to develop an appreciation of nature
  • Participating in keeping the environment clean such as sweeping paths, raking the leaves and the sandpit.
  • Putting the equipment away after each use - working as a team to get the job done.

Teachers on duty

Staff place themselves at specific stations outside for optimal supervision of the playground.  Staff are mindful to not get into consumed conversations with parents at the expense of the safety of the children. If parents need an in-depth discussion a suitable time will be arranged. All staff either hold a Senior First Aid / CPR anaphylaxis and asthma certificate or are in the process of updating it.

Sun protection

As we are a sun safe centre the children remain in the indoor environment between the hours of 10 and 3 daily leaving plenty of time to explore our fun-filled playground. We take certain measures to protect the children from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Staff will set up most outdoor activities in the shaded area. Opportune moments will be used to teach children why we need to protect ourselves from the sun.

Sunscreen: We understand that some parents may prefer that their children do not use sunscreen due to the unknown risk involved with putting chemicals on the skin. Please advise the office or put it into your enrollment form your preference in this matter, otherwise sunscreen will be applied on all children unless the sun App tells us the UV rays are low.

Hats: Hats should stay on firmly and offer protection to the face, ears, and neck.  Legionnaire type hats and hats with brims of 8-10 cm are the best for providing shade - caps are not acceptable. Children without hats will have to play in the shade. Please name your child’s hat.

Clothing: All children wear full hats and full shirts - no singlets. Some fabrics offer better protection from the sun than others. Further information about protective clothing and sunglasses are available through the Queensland Cancer Sun Smart Shops.

This Centre is a recognized Sun Smart Centre with the Queensland Cancer Association.

Behaviour Management

Staff are conscious of fostering within the children safe playground behaviours through the appropriate use of equipment. Children need guidelines and acceptable limits within which they are free to make their own decisions. With this in mind we aim to assist children to become self-disciplined and know and understand the limits set.

If children carry on with challenging behaviour we adopt the rule of thinking timeout.  We let the child know they will have this if they carry on the unacceptable behaviour e.g. hurting or disrespecting other children, themselves, or staff, whether this is physically, emotionally, or psychologically. Thinking timeout is done only until the child settles and they can rejoin the group or activity. Thinking timeout is always done in the same area that the incident has happened so that the child can see what acceptable behaviour is which is displayed by the other children.

At the end of timeout staff always discuss with the child acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and any learning that can be gleaned from the situation. Staff actively seek to discuss differences between the guidance strategies used by family members and will constantly evaluate situations and use it in a constructive way within the centre. Please read our behaviour policy.

Guidelines for the Centre

The centre promotes a policy of peace.  War toys and fighting type games, degrading name-calling, and jeering are not permitted at the centre.